Genes + Lifestyle + Environment = Your Health

In these rapidly changing times, it is more important now than ever to know how to care for yourself in the very best way. 

Let me help you create your unique health plan to maximize your health and longevity.

Interested in using genetic testing to maximize your health and longevity?

But you have lots of questions right?  Like what type of testing is best for you?  What are the costs?  How about testing quality?  The Getting Started Guide will help answer those questions and more.

Create a custom health plan based on your 3X4 Genetics Blueprint report

Okay!  You've done it!  Congratulations!  You have your 3X4 Genetic report in hand and  there is SO MUCH INFORMATION.  Where do you start?  I can help you understand your gene story, prioritize the information and create your 3X4 Wellness Blueprint.

Your 3X4 Blueprint for Wellness: Use it or Lose it

So you've had your report for awhile and have not made all of the changes you were considering. Or you have specific questions, or want to take a deeper dive into your report.  Check the BLOG and RESOURCE pages for more information, or let's talk.

Take Control of Your Health

When you know your gene story you can take control of your health and become your best health advocate!

If you're new to this but not ready to jump in, I created a Getting Started Guide to walk through the process of getting a 3X4 report and making sense of it all. → Read more

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"Genomic tools have revolutionized my ability to help patients optimize their wellness. At this time, to be healthy on this planet we need this new level of individualized information. Your DNA will tell you what you need to do. It is personalized medicine. It is your best medicine."

Toni Marthaller - Andersen ARNP, FNP-C